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 Quality Policy 

The quality policy for our company is to achieve customer’s satisfaction by supplying quality, safe and healthy services in accordance with their expectations and needs. It’s the policy of the company to establish, communicate, implement, review and maintain an effective quality service that can ensure reliability and maintain cost effectiveness and contribute to growth.

Our policy is to develop the people within the organisation through constant assessment of training needs. We shall also ensure that all employees within the company are consulted, motivated and trained to understand, support and contribute to our quality services.

Taiere Beton

1. General statement of commitment

LT Diamond Drilling is committed to a clean and safe work environment for all persons employed within the company and those visiting and on site whether it be in house (warehouse) or on work sites. The Management is determined to implement a safety policy that provides accident prevention by the participation of all its employees undertaking safety awareness training and by employing competent employees. We are also committed to comply with all Standards in relation to Occupational Health and Safety issues.

2. Managements responsibilities

The promotion and maintenance of Occupational Health and Safety is primarily the responsibility of management. Management at all levels are required to contribute to health and safety of all persons in the workplace.

3. Employees responsibilities

All employees are required to co-operate with the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Programs to ensure their own health and Safety and the Health and Safety of others in the workplace and out on site.