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When your property suffers undesirable damage, your goal is to restore its functionality, accessibility & security. Consequently, the best way to get these, is to entrust controlled demolition to a team of experienced professionals.

As professionals in demolition buildings, our Diamond Drilling SRL team offers you trusted experts who can provide useful advice and performs controlled demolition work in a fast and efficient way.

Diamond Drilling SRL carries out succesful demolition of buildings, based on wide experience extended on international level. We know exactly how to organize controlled demolition so that only those building materials that are needed to be removed are removed.

We remove common building materials (eg gypsum, cardboard, flooring etc). We can also extract equipment and / or accessories that are suitable for reuse (for example: cabinets that will be re-installed after renovation) without causing damage.

All of our team specializes in demolition buildings, ensuring safe and secure demolition.

Over the years, we have solved a variety of demolition works, we have adapted to a wide range of challenges that every controlled demolition job has asked us to do. We have adapted our every requirement to our clients and have accomplished it with success and speed.

Applying our help with controlled demolition, you will avoid fines, work delays, and other problems that may arise in the event of inappropriate handling of hazardous materials.

Whether you need to demolish (gypsum-board), sections for a minor renovation or sections for a complete reconstruction, Diamond Drilling SRL can help you. We also go on the spot and offer you specialized assistance, generally free of charge, for defining your domain of controlled demolition.

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